Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Hotrod clients C++ and C# 8.3.0.Beta1 are out!

Dear Infinispanners,

The C++ and C# 8.3.0.Beta1 releases are available!

Main feature for this release is: transactions. Clients can now run sequence of hotrod operations in a transactional way. Basic methods are provided to begin, commit or rollback a transaction over an hotrod connection (hotrod 2.7 and Infinispan 9.3+ are required).
API are quite easy to use:
Source code, binaries and docs are at the usual place. Thank you for following us!
The Infinispan Team
[1] Release notes
[2++] C++ code for 8.3.0.Beta1
[2#] C# code for 8.3.0.Beta1
[3] Downloads

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