Monday, 2 July 2018

Hotrod clients C++ and C# 8.3.0.Alpha1 are out!

Dear Infinispanners,

The C++ and C# 8.3.0.Alpha1 releases are available!

Both the clients come with these new features:
  • counter operations, to use cluster distributed counters [1]
  • admin operations, to create/remove cache programmatically at runtime [2]
For the .NET Core lovers, there's a work in progress to implement the dotnet core build for the C# client [3].
Features list, code and bits are available as usual: [4] [5] [6].

The Infinispan Team

[1] Clustered Counters
[2] Hot Rod Admin Tasks
[3] How to build à la .NET Core manière
[4] Release notes
[5++] C++ code for 8.3.0.Alpha1
[5#] C# code for 8.3.0.Alpha1
[6] Downloads

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