Monday, 23 January 2017

9.x JDBC Store Improvements

Infinispan 9 introduces several changes to the JDBC stores, in summary:
  • Configuration of DB version
  • Upsert support for store writes
  • Timestamp indexing
  • c3p0 connection pool replaced by HikariCP

DB Version Configuration

Previously when configuring a JDBC store it was only possible for a user to specify the vendor of the underlying DB. Consequently, it was not possible for Infinispan to utilise more recent features of DB as the SQL utilised by our JDBC stores had to satisfy the capabilities of the oldest supported DB version.

In Infinispan 9 we have completely refactored the code responsible for generating SQL queries.  Enabling our JDBC stores to take greater advantage of optimisations and features applicable to a given database vendor and version. See the below gist for examples of how to specify the major and minor versions of your database.

Programmatic config:
XML Config:
Note: If no version information is provided, then we attempt to retrieve version data via the JDBC driver.  This is not always possible and in such cases we default to SQL queries which are compatible with the lowest supported version of the specified DB dialect.

Upsert Support

As a consequence of the refactoring mentioned above, writes to the JDBC stores finally utilise upserts. Previously, the JDBC stores had to first select an entry, before inserting or updating a DB row depending on whether the entry previously existed.  Now, in supported DBs, store writes are performed atomically via a single SQL statement.

In some cases it may be desirable for the previous store behaviour to be utilised, in such cases the following property should be passed to your store's configuration and set to true: `infinispan.jdbc.upsert.disabled`.

Timestamp Indexing

By default an index is now created on the `timestamp-column` of a JDBC store when the "create-on-start" option is set to true for a store's table.  The advantage of this index is that it prevents the DB from having to perform full table searches when purging a table of expired cache entries.  Similar to upsert support, this index is optional an can be disabled by setting the property `infinispan.jdbc.indexing.disabled` to true.  

Hello HikariCP

In Infinispan 9 we welcome HikariCP as the new default implementation for the JDBC PooledConnectionFactory. HikariCP provides superior performance to c3p0 (the previous default), whilst also providing a much smaller footprint. The PooledConnectionFactoryConfiguration remains the same as before, expect we now include the ability to explicitly define a properties file where additional configuration parameters can be specified for the underlying HikariCP. For a full list of the available HikariCP configuration properties, please see the official documentation

Note: Support for c3p0 has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release. However, users can force c3p0 to be utilised as before by providing the system property `-Dinfinispan.jdbc.c3p0.force=true`.


We have introduced the above new features to the JDBC stores in order to improve performance and to enable us to further the store's capabilities in the future. If you're a user of the JDBC stores and have any feedback on the latest changes, or would like to request some new features/optimisations, let us know via the forumissue tracker or the #infinispan channel on Freenode. 

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