Monday, 5 December 2016

Infinispan 9.0.0.Beta1 "Ruppaner"

It took us quite a bit to get here, but we're finally ready to announce Infinispan 9.0.0.Beta1, which comes loaded with a ton of goodies.

  • Performance improvements
    • JGroups 4
    • A new algorithm for non-transactional writes (aka the Triangle) which reduces the number of RPCs required when performing writes 
    • A new faster internal marshaller which produced smaller payloads. 
    • A new asynchronous interceptor core
  • Off-Heap support
    • Avoid the size of the data in the caches affecting your GC times
  • CaffeineMap-based bounded data container
    • Superior performance
    • More reliable eviction
  • Ickle, Infinispan's new query language
    • A limited yet powerful subset of JPQL
    • Supports full-text predicates
  • The Server Admin console now supports both Standalone and Domain modes
  • Pluggable marshallers for Kryo and ProtoStuff
  • The LevelDB cache store has been replaced with the better-maintained and faster RocksDB 
  • Spring Session support
  • Upgraded Spring to 4.3.4.RELEASE
We will be blogging about the above in detail over the coming weeks, including benchmarks and tutorials.
The following improvements were also present in our previous Alpha releases:
  • Graceful clustered shutdown / restart with persistent state
  • Support for streaming values over Hot Rod, useful when you are dealing with very large entries
  • Cloud and Containers
    • Out-of-the box support for Kubernetes discovery
  • Cache store improvements
    • The JDBC cache store now use transactions and upserts. Also the internal connection pool is now based on HikariCP

Also, our documentation has received a big overhaul and we believe it is vastly superior than before.

There will be one more Beta including further performance improvements as well as additional features, so stay tuned.
Infinispan 9 is codenamed "Ruppaner" in honor of the Konstanz brewery, since many of the improvements of this release have been brewed on the shores of the Bodensee !


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