Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Infinispan 9.0.0.Alpha2 (and 8.2.2.Final)

Dear Infinispan users,

we have baked two fresh releases for you today.

First off we have a new micro release of our stable 8.2 branch which fixes 57 issues. If you are using any other 8.x release, please upgrade to 8.2.2.Final as this contains a bunch of bugfixes and performance improvements in all areas.

On top of that we have a brand new Alpha release from our development branch: 9.0.0.Alpha2 which comes loaded with a few goodies:

  • SNI support for HotRod, which paves the way for server multi-tenancy
  • JDBC cache stores can use upsert (one of our oldest bugs !!!)
  • An httpd-style access log for server
  • The new sequential interceptor architecture
  • Lucene query caching
  • A grand total of 138 issues were resolved
Don't forget to check-out our roadmap to see the schedule and the things we want to do

Download it now, try it and tell us what you think on the infinispan forums or come and meet us on IRC: channel #infinispan on Freenode. 

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