Friday, 19 June 2015

Infinispan 7.2.3.Final

Dear Infinispan users,

thanks to your help, a few bugs have been found and fixed in the Infinispan 7.2 branch. So if you are affected by any of the bugs below, now is the time to upgrade.


  • [ISPN-4123] - Remote Query tests random failures
  • [ISPN-5444] - Filter/converters in server can't unmarshall custom cached classes
  • [ISPN-5522] - LIRS BoundedConcurrentHashMapv8 eviction for tree bin missing check
  • [ISPN-5524] - Race condition in SemaphoreCompletionService.executeFront()
  • [ISPN-5527] - Java system properties no longer supported in leveldb expiration path
  • [ISPN-5531] - java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException during remove (using RemoteCacheManager)
  • [ISPN-5543] - Bad tracef arguments are causing IllegalFormatConversionException
  • [ISPN-5560] - NotSerializableException for invalidation-cache
  • [ISPN-5565] - Memory leak in Hot Rod client tests
  • [ISPN-5566] - Listener Observation is not obeyed for non CacheEntryEvents


  • [ISPN-5519] - Cannot choose to run index-less query on an indexed cache in compat mode 
Again, downloads and release notes are at the usual pages, so go and check them out !

Happy hacking.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Infinispan 8.0.0.Alpha2

Dear Infinispan community,

it is with great pleasure that we are announcing the release of Infinispan 8.0.0.Alpha2 as we continue forward.

This release brings a few very useful features:
  • second batch for size-based eviction: sized based eviction has been updated to work when storeAsBinary is enabled or if the cache only contains primitive wrapper types (Integer, Long.. etc), Strings or byte[].
  • entry iterator over HotRod: it is now possible to iterate over all the entries in a cache even in distributed mode using HotRod.  This provides full consistency guarantees under a rehash event (node goes up or down) and batches data to help prevent memory issues on the client.
  • non-indexed query over indexed cache with compatiblity
  • first batch for infinispan core threading changes: we are improving our thread utilization significantly with the 8.0 release cycle and we already have reduced transport thread usage and added a configurable thread pool for async operations to prevent internal thread pool exhaustion.  There will be even more enhancements for this in future releases!
  • and many many bugfixes, consult our issue tracker for a list of things we have fixed.

Don't forget to also check-out our roadmap to see the things we plan to get done during the 8.0 cycle.

Download it now and tell us what you think on our forums or come and meet us on IRC: channel #infinispan on Freenode.