Wednesday, 6 May 2015

What is new in Infinispan 7.2?

Dear community,

We have recently released Infinispan 7.2, and we feel it deserves a more detailed introduction. This release brings important new features, code optimizations and major bug fixes.

What features can be found?

  • We have introduced a new factory for the atomic object. The new factory is based on a replicated state machine, and it allows object creation on top of Infinispan cache e.g. Java collections. 
  • Server-side scripting allows custom script installation in Infinispan server and their invocation over Hot Rod. You can now use map/reduce and distributed executor over Hot Rod as well. 
  • JCache (JSR-107) support over Hot Rod.
  • Near cache support for Hot Rod Java client.
  • Support for defining filters using the Query DSL for event listeners.
  • DSL-based filters are indexed for faster and more scalable evaluation.
  • Custom cache stores deployment in Infinispan server.

What optimizations have been made?

  • Eviction improvements with new long size support and more accurate eviction.
  • Many indexing improvements.
  • Faster bulk operations (putAll() and getAll()) for both embedded and Hot Rod client.
  • Cache creation and configuration changes do not require Infinispan server restart. 
  • Faster clear operation. It is now lock-free and non-transactional, and it shouldn't be invoked with other concurrent operations.

What bugs have been fixed?

  • DummyTransactionManager has been fixed and made more reliable. Although we recommend a use of a proper TransactionManager, it can be used for simpler applications which don't involve additional resource enlistments.
  • Fixed deadlocks and errors during topology changes. Adding and removing nodes works smoothly and faster now.
  • Multiple tweaks in CLI operations.
  • Other small bug fixes.

Finally, we would like thank all community members involved in this release. A special thank you to Pierre Sutra (atomic object factory contribution), Damiano Albani (dependency fixes) and Karl von Randow (configuration fixes) 

- The Infinispan team

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