Friday, 5 December 2014

Infinispan 7.1 Codename: And the winner is...

Dear Infinispan community,

the scrutiny is complete and YOU have decided the name of the next Infinispan release, which is going to be:

Hoptimus Prime

The following is a breakdown of the votes:

Hoptimus Prime30%
Insanely Bad Elf28%
Amber Shock14%
Drake's Hopocalypse5%

Since Hoptimus Prime has been retired we will have to celebrate by drinking one of the other wonderful runners-up. 

Remember that, aside from choosing codenames, you can also contribute to Infinispan in many ways: code, documentation, bug reports, helping on the forum, discussing ideas on the mailing list or just chat with us on #infinispan on Freenode's IRC servers.

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