Thursday, 21 November 2013

Infinispan HotRod C++ Client 6.0.0.Final

When the HotRod protocol was designed, one of the primary goals was to make it language neutral so that applications written in different languages could interact with the data placed inside an Infinispan Data Grid. The HotRod protocol is special because intelligent clients can offer superior performance by being aware of how data is stored in the grid. We offer three levels of client intelligence:
  • L1: simple clients who connect to the grid using a list of statically provided server addresses in round-robin fashion
  • L2: clients are aware of the topology of the grid and can be notified when new servers are added/removed from the grid
  • L3: clients can use the grid topology and the key hashes to directly connect to the node who is the primary owner for a specific item of data, thus reducing the need for remote calls between the server nodes
Until recently, however, we only had three clients:
  • The full-featured Java client (L1, L2, L3)
  • The simple Python client (L1)
  • A C# client developed during the Google Summer of Code by Sunimal Rathnayake (L1)
Today, however, we are proud to announce the 6.0.0.Final release of the HotRod C++ client with support for L1, L2 and L3. This client can be compiled for Linux, Unix and Windows.
I would like to thank SIA, and in particular Lorenzo Filì for all of the great work in getting us to this stage.

In order for the client to achieve feature-parity with the Java client, we still need to add OpenSSL and Remote Query support. We hope to deliver these features during the next development cycle.

So go ahead and download the bits and if you'd like to contribute, head over to our project on GitHub.

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