Friday, 2 March 2012

Infinispan 5.1.2.FINAL is available now!

Infinispan 5.1.2.FINAL is out now with a handful of issues fixed that did not make the previous 5.1.2.CR1. The default JGroups configuration files shipped by Infinispan have been tweaked to help with state transfer and the GUI demo should now work in the binaries-only distribution as well.

Full details of what has been fixed can be found here, and if you have feedback, please visit our forums. Finally, as always, you can download the release from here.



  1. Great news! Congratulations! Unfortunately the jars aren't available in the maven repo. Only the pom.xml, tests.jar and sources.jar are there.

  2. Yes they are:

    And to be precise:

  3. Hi,

    Call back is not available for expiration, this is a real drawback as we are migrating from oracle cache into infinispan and our buisness logic largely depend on cache reload on timed expiry.

  4. @Senthil, you should be able to listen for @CacheEntryRemoved...

  5. I am using 5.2.6 and I am not able to listen for @CacheEntryRemoved. It seems that I can only listen for @CacheEntryVisited @CacheStarted and @CacheStopped. Any suggestions?