Thursday, 26 January 2012

Manik's take on JUDCon India

JUDCon has, for the first time ever, spread beyond the western world. JUDCon India, held on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, was a roaring success with over 800 passionate community members flocking to the event held in Bangalore, India's answer to California's silicon valley.

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One of the themes was developer productivity and engagement, to help community members get more involved in the projects they care about, to help them succeed in their businesses with JBoss technology.

JBoss AS 7, NoSQL and platform-as-a-service were a few of the popular themes, and there were no less than 6 talks on infinispan in just two days, presented by myself and Galder Zamarreño. The talks ranged from high level overviews and roadmaps to detailed, hands-on hacking sessions, as well as presenting thoughts and ideas for future development.

All in, an excellent community conference, well organised by Saltmarch Media, and very well received by the community. I for one look forward to another JUDCon in Bangalore in the hopefully not too distant future.


PS: After writing this, I noticed that Galder has blogged about JUDCon India too!

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  1. to all RedHat (JBoss) folks that presented at the conference. Wonderful to talk to you all. I was especially interested in Infinispan and learnt quite a bit talking to Manik and Galder.
    I sure hope there is an "architecture" track next time.