Tuesday, 19 April 2011

5.0.0.BETA2 released with better distribution!

A brand new Infinispan 5.0 "Pagoa" beta is out now, 5.0.0.BETA2 bringing even more goodies for Infinispan users:
  • Initial implementation of virtual nodes for consistent hash algorithm based distribution is included. This means that each Infinispan node can now pick multiple nodes in the hash wheel reducing the standard deviation and so improving the distribution of data. The configuration is done via the numVirtualNodes attribute in hash element.
  • The externalizer configuration has been revamped in order to make it more user-friendly! You only need the @SerializeWith annotation and an Externalizer implementation in its most basic form, but more advanced externalizer configuration is still available for particular use cases. The wiki on plugging externalizers has been rewritten to show these changes.
  • lazyDeserialization XML element has been renamed to storeAsBinary in order to better represent its function. The previous programmatic configuration for this option has been deprecated to help ease migration but your XML will need changing.
  • All references to JOPR, including the maven module name have been renamed to RHQ. So bear make sure you plug your RHQ server with infinispan-rhq-plugin.jar instead of infinispan-jopr-plugin.jar
There's some other minor API changes and fixes as show in the release notes. As always, please use the user forums to report back, grab the release here, enjoy and keep the feedback coming.



  1. Looking for lots of feedback on virtual nodes - please get in contact with any comments!

  2. Virtual Nodes is a very important architectural change to the way distribution works. As Pete mentioned above, lots of feedback solicited. :) The benefits - much more predictable performance, better spreading of load across a cluster, etc. - M