Monday, 21 February 2011

Infinispan Python client beta for Hot Rod servers is here!

The first beta version of the Infinispan native python client to connect to the Infinispan Hot Rod servers is available now from Infinispan's GitHub repository or PyPi. Please check the latest README information to find out more about installation instructions.

So, what's in it? For this first beta release, we've implemented all the operations available in the Hot Rod specification and they've been tested with string inputs. This release does not include code to deal with client intelligence superior to 1, so clients cannot receive notifications of cluster changes nor can they locate data in an intelligent manner by applying consistent hash algorithms to the keys. These capabilities, plus further examples such as how to integrate with payloads from Google Protocol Buffers will come in next beta releases.

If you're looking for code examples for the Infinispan Python client, you can find a very basic one in the README file itself, or check the testsuite within the source package. In next releases we'll be creating a wiki with more detailed examples.

As always, if you have any doubt please use the user forums and for any bugs or feature requests, please log them via JIRA.


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