Thursday, 4 November 2010

Infinispan likes GitHub

It had to happen someday - Infinispan's primary source code repository has now moved to GitHub.  We have abandoned Subversion as a version control tool for the far superior distributed VCS which has found favour in many large and complex open source projects.  I've been experimenting with a GitHub setup for the past few weeks, with a snapshot of the Infinispan repository, and git is a sheer joy to use - a sublime experience, once you get your head around the concepts of distributed version control.  GitHub makes things even sweeter, with an awesome web based UI.

Anyway, a quick summary:
  • Infinispan sources are no longer in Subversion, on
  • The primary repository for Infinispan is now
    • Clone this repository at will!
    • Contributions should take the form of pull requests on GitHub
  • Infinispan's Hudson, release tooling and other systems have been updated to reflect this change
For those used to working with Infinispan's Subversion-based setup, or those new to git, I've put together a short wiki page on getting started with Infinispan on GitHub.

Oh, and I'd love to hear your feedback on this move.

Happy cloning!

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  1. Hi Manik, would you like to provide your inputs from an Infinispan point of view about Scalable frameworks - ?

    Especially with the spreadsheet described here -