Thursday, 30 September 2010

Want to learn about Infinispan at Devoxx 2010?

Yes, I will be speaking at the Devoxx conference this year.  Devoxx - probably the biggest Java/Middleware conference outside of JavaOne - is always awesome with a strong tech focus.

I'll be talking about Infinispan as a NoSQL solution, so this should be interesting to anyone trying to build a data service around Infinispan.

Check out the details here.  See you in Antwerp!


Friday, 24 September 2010

Infinispan’s been harvested, time to evangelise!

Here @ Infinispan we've been extremely busy over the summer baking Infinispan 4.1.0.FINAL and after releasing it just over a couple of weeks ago, it's time to go out and tell the world about it!

As far as I'm concerned, I'll be at the JAOO conference in Aarhus, Denmark, where I'll be speaking about the importance of the brand new Infinispan Server modules, emphasizing the motivation for developing them and showcasing some really exciting use cases.

Just a few days later I'll be in Berlin for Europe's round for hosting JBoss' JUDCon, a developer conference by developers where I'll be introducing a brand-new, innovative data eviction algorithm included in Infinispan 4.1, which increases eviction precision and reduces overhead. I will also be talking about the Infinispan Server modules in this conference. On top of that, Mircea Markus will be explaining how transactions are handled within Infinispan and how to do continuous querying of Infinispan data grids. In total, Infinispan has 4 talks @ JUDCon which is very exciting for us!!

To round things up, on the 14th of October I'll be in Lausanne where I'll be introducing the audience of the local JUG to Infinispan, talking about our motivations to create Infinispan, how different it is to JBoss Cache...etc.

So, if you happen to be around, make sure you come! It'll be fun :)

Friday, 17 September 2010

4.2.ALPHA2 "Ursus" is out!


First of all A BIG THANKS to our very active community for all the input on the previous release!
Second alpha release of 4.2 "Ursus" is out today. It contains a set of bug fixes and improvements - see the detailed list here. For download information go here. And please share your thoughts on our forums!


JavaOne 2010

So there's quite a lot going on at JavaOne 2010 - next week, already! - with regards to Infinispan.  Firstly, I'm running a session and a BOF both related to data grids and Infinispan.  Mark these in your calendar!

The BOF is on Tuesday, at 21:00, titled "A new era for in-memory data grids".  Click on the link for more details.

My main conference session is on Wednesday, at 13:00, titled "Measuring Performance and Looking for Bottlenecks in Java-Based Data Grids".  This should be a fun and interesting talk!

Further, the Red Hat/JBoss booth in the pavilion will be running a series of "mini-sessions", with a chance to meet and interface with the core R&D folk from JBoss including myself.  I'm running a mini-session on building a Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) grid using Infinispan on Tuesday and Wednesday, along with similarly exciting talks by other Red Hatters.  More details here.

And finally, the JBoss party.  JBoss parties at JavaOne have become something of an institution and you sure wouldn't want to be left out!  Details here, make sure you get your invitations early as these always run out fast.

See you in San Francisco!


Thursday, 16 September 2010

Want to become a full-time dev on Infinispan?

From time to time, we do recruit active, valuable community members, to work on Infinispan and related projects on a full-time basis.  If you are interested in working for Infinispan full-time, you should email jobs AT infinispan DOT org and include the following:

  • A résumé, in plain text or as a PDF document (or a link to an online résumé)
  • Details of your contribution to Infinispan or other JBoss projects
    • Including links to JIRAs, changelogs if relevant
    • Links to community documentation, wikis, etc that may be relevant
  • Details of your contribution to other open source projects
    • Including links to issue trackers, source code, etc.
    • Links to community documentation, wikis, etc that may be relevant
  • Your current time zone
Benefits, in addition to the usual corporate benefits of being employed by Red Hat Inc. (One of the 100 best places to work in IT), include:
  • Working with an extremely active open source community
  • Ability to work remotely, communicating via email/IRC
  • Work on some of the most exciting tech and leading engineers in the Java landscape today
  • Help shape cloud-based data storage for the next generation of applications
While we don't have specific timescales for any specific positions vacant, do drop us an email if this is of interest to you.


Monday, 13 September 2010

Infinispan Refcard

DZone today published a Refcard on Infinispan.  For those of you not familiar with DZone's Refcardz, these are quick-lookup "cheat sheets" on various technologies, targeted at developers.

I hope you find the Infinispan Refcard useful.  Download it, save it, pass it on to friends.  Oh yeah, and tweet about it too - tell the world!  :)


Tuesday, 7 September 2010

4.2.ALPHA1 "Ursus" is out!

Hi *,

4.2.ALPHA1 has just been released!
Besides other things, it contains following two features:
- supports deadlock detection for eagerly locking transactions (new)
- an very interesting optimisation for eager locking, which allows one to benefit from eager locking semantics with the same performance as "lazy" locking. You can read more about this here.
For download information go here. For a detailed list of features refer to the release notes.

Enjoy and please share your thoughts on our forums!

Thursday, 2 September 2010

4.1.0.FINAL is out - and announcing 4.2.0

Yes, things have been quiet on this blog as of late, but a lot has been going on.  Let's start with the big news.  After much work on feedback reported on the last Radegast release candidate, Infinispan 4.1.0.FINAL is finally ready.  Many thanks to the community who have worked tirelessly in testing stuff, reporting stuff.

This is a very important release.  If you are using 4.0.0 (Starobrno), I strongly recommend upgrading to Radegast as we have a whole host of big fixes, performance improvements and new features for you.  A full changelog is available on JIRA, but a few key features to note are server endpoints, a Java-based client for the Hot Rod protocol, and the new LIRS eviction algorithm.

Download it, give it a go, and talk about it on the forums.  Tell your friends about it, tweet about it.

The other interesting piece of news is the announcement of a 4.2.0 release.  We've decided to take a few key new features from 5.0.0 and release them earlier, as 4.2.0 - codenamed Ursus.  If you are interested in what's going to be in Ursus, have a look at this feature set, and expect a beta on Ursus pretty soon now!