Friday, 12 March 2010

No time to rest, 4.1.0.Alpha1 is here!

"Release quick, release often", that's one of our mottos at Infinispan. Barely a couple of weeks after releasing Infinispan 4.0.0.Final, here comes 4.1.0.Alpha1 with new goodies. The main star for this release is the new server module implementing Memcached's text protocol.

This new module enables you to use Infinispan as a replacement for any of your Memcached servers with the added bonus that Infinispan's Memcached server module allows you to start several instances forming a cluster so that they replicate, invalidate or distribute data between these instances, a feature not present in default Memcached implementation.

On top of the clustering capabilities Infinispan memcached server module gets in-built eviction, cache store support, JMX/Jopr monitoring etc... for free.

To get started, first download Infinispan 4.1.0.Alpha1. Then, go to "Using Infinispan Memcached Server" wiki and follow the instructions there. If you're interested in finding out how to set up multiple Infinispan memcached servers in a cluster, head to "Talking To Infinispan Memcached Servers From Non-Java Clients" wiki where you'll also find out how to access our Memcached implementation from non-Java clients.

Finally, you can find the API docs for 4.1.0.Alpha 1 here and note that this is an unstable release that is meant to gather feedback on the Memcached server module as early as possible.



  1. Cheers Trustin! Btw, it includes Netty 3.2.0.Beta1. I'll keep you posted with any feedback :)

  2. Hello guys!
    I've started using Infinispan a couple of weeks ago but I'm so enthusiastic about it that I have added two simple introduction tutorials for people approaching this great product.

    Hope you find this stuff useful.

    Kind regards
    Francesco Marchioni

  3. @Francesco - nice stuff, well done! Do you plan on adding more parts to this series?

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  6. Why we need infinispan? The memcached is so excellent and running steady. Of cource infinispan be writed by Java and it running in JVM, so there are not any comsume on socket and serialize? Any others advantage? Thanks