Sunday, 10 May 2009

jclouds-s3 beta released

jclouds-s3 is the glue between Infinispan and Amazon S3. jclouds provides a cachestore plugin that allows you to persist your infinispan cluster to S3.

Over the last few months, jclouds has evolved with Infinispan's concurrent context.

Under the hood, jclouds is made for infinispan. Its non-blocking engine and FutureCommand design were crafted to meet the challenge of Infinispan's grueling integration tests.

jclouds-s3 is also quite user-friendly, exposing services to S3 in a simple Map interface.

As we are now in beta, please do try out jclouds-s3 and let us know where we can improve. If you have some spare cycles, feel free to lend a hand :)

Regardless, we hope you enjoy the product.

1 comment:

  1. Sir,
    am trying to run (jclouds-1.0-beta-9b) Code in Maven Using Netbean-IDE when i right and test given it out has Build Successfully. where i need to see the output.

    where is the Client(main) file is located and i need call my cloud located in a region(aws-East) and i need to sepicif my Access key and secret key where i need to hardcode this value pls help me