Friday, 15 April 2016

Infinispan Spark connector 0.3 released!

The Infinispan connector for Spark allows to use Infinispan server as a datasource for Spark stream and batch jobs. This release brings compatibility with Spark 1.6, and also to Infinispan 8.2.1.Final, that contains a fix to allow proper failover when nodes leave and join the cluster during the job execution.

For the list of changes please see the release notes, for instructions on how to get started go to the documentation, and report any issue to JIRA.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Infinispan 9.0.0.Alpha1 is out!

Dear Infinispan community,

it is with great pleasure that we are announcing the release of Infinispan 9.0.0.Alpha1 the first release of the Infinispan 9 series.

We plan to do many exciting things in Infinispan 9.x, and this release is just one of many stepping-stones that will get us there. Here's what's included with Alpha1:
  • Graceful clustered shutdown / restart with persistent state
  • The REST cache store has a shiny new Netty-based backend, courtesy of Antoine Toulme
  • and many, many bugfixes: consult our issue tracker for a list of things we have fixed. 
A new major release is also the moment to peform some "spring-cleaning" (pun intended):
  • We've removed Spring 3.x support
  • We've removed our home-brew map/reduce implementation. By now you should be using the wonderful Streams-based API instead which are much nicer and provide better performance
  • We've dropped our custom NotifyingListeners in favour of Java's standard CompletableFuture
Don't forget to check-out our roadmap to see the schedule and the things we want to do

Download it now, try it and tell us what you think on the infinispan forums or come and meet us on IRC: channel #infinispan on Freenode.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Infinispan 8.1.3.Final is out!

Dear community,

We are proud to announce the release of Infinispan 8.1.3.Final. Download it here and try it out!

The maintenance release includes:

  • Fixed cluster startup in client server mode
  • Fixed default cache race condition during server start
  • Fixed QueryDSL parser failure with inheritence
  • Improved test suite stability
  • Fixed registering clustered listener (previously it cased SuspectException)
We also performed some upgrades:
  • Protostream was upgraded to 3.0.5.Final
  • XStream was upgraded to 1.4.9

Check out the fixed issuesdownload the releases and tell us all about it on the forum, on our issue tracker or on IRC on the #infinispan channel on Freenode.

The Infinispan team

Infinispan 8.2.1.Final is out!

Dear community,

We are proud to announce the release of Infinispan 8.2.1.Final. Download it here and try it out!

The release contains the following changes:

  • Improved test suite stability
  • Fixed deadlock and default cache race condition during server start
  • Fixed ShardIndexManager stop order
  • Rebalance start now contains node info
  • Fixed Timeout updating the JGroups view after killing one node
  • Boolean projections will work correctly in compatibility mode
We also upgraded some of our components:
  • Hibernate Search was upgraded to 5.6.0.Alpha3
  • XStream was upgraded to 1.4.9
Check out the stable release notesdownload the releases and tell us all about it on the forum, on our issue tracker or on IRC on the #infinispan channel on Freenode.

The Infinispan team

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Javascript client 0.2.0 arrives with Cluster Topology support

Today Infinispan Javascript client version 0.2.0 was released, which includes:

  • Updated README file containing simpler individual examples on each main feature set.
  • Remote execution - Users can now load remote scripts into Infinispan Servers using the addScript method and these scripts can be remotely executed via the execute operation. An example of this can be found in the README file.
  • Server-side statistic can now be retrieved using the stats operation. Again, an example can be found in the README file.
  • The client now supports cluster topology updates, so it can handle remote notifications of server side topology changes, including addition or removal of server-side cluster nodes.
  • Using the cluster topology information and hashing algorithms, the client can now apply the same Consistent-Hash algorithm servers use to distribute data around the cluster, and hence can immediately locate the server where a particular key lives.

If you're a Javascript user and want to store data remotely in Infinispan Server instances, please give the client a go and tell us what you think of it via our forum, via our issue tracker or via IRC on the #infinispan channel on Freenode.


Monday, 14 March 2016

Infinispan Hadoop connector 0.2 released!

The Infinispan Hadoop connector allows to read and write to Infinispan Server using Hadoop compatible InputFormat and OutputFormat interfaces.

This release includes support for Infinispan 8.2.0.Final and brings fixes to the failover capability, to guarantee that reads and writes can occur even when nodes leave the cluster.

For a full list of changes please check the release notes. Download instructions can be found at the integrations section on our website.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Infinispan 8.2.0.Final is out!

Dear community,

We are proud to announce the release of Infinispan 8.2.0.Final. Download it here and try it out!

This release is highlighted by performance improvements and multiple fixes, and it introduces some new cool features. We emphasize the following:

  • New algorithm for remote reads in distributed mode that reduces the network usage
  • From now on, the consistent hash is shared among caches with the same membership - entries in different caches using the same key will be co-located
  • A new lambda-enabled Cluster Executor which does not require a clustered cache, but can be constructed directly from a DefaultCacheManager.
  • Protostream 3.0.5, Lucene 5.5, Hibernate Search 5.6.0.Alpha2
  • And many tweaks and improvements overall.
Infinispan Server obviously deserves a list of its own:
  • Infinispan Server was gifted with a brand new event logger. Now it is possible to check the last 7 days events like caches starting/stopping, nodes join/leaving, task execution and security audits. In addition, it is based on Wildfly 10.
  • Admin Console improvements
    • Persistent login session which survives browser refresh
    • Deployment / undeployment of user code
    • Management of ProtoBuf schemas for indexing
    • Management of Scripts for task execution
    • Event viewing
    • Much improved cache and template configuration
    • Cache container configuration
    • PatternFly 3.2
We are now preparing the next development cycle and we will introduce new features and improvements. Stay tuned to know what is coming in Infinispan 9.0. 

Check out the stable release notes, download the releases and tell us all about it on the forum, on our issue tracker or on IRC on the #infinispan channel on Freenode.

The Infinispan team.